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What exactly is Spiritually integrated Psychotherapy, Direction & Care?
It is a way in which we care for ourselves in a loving and nurturing way. Too often we judge our actions, criticize our mistakes, and struggle to understand life's challenges. Through spiritual healing, we can create meaning from every experience. Spiritual Direction & Care offers opportunity to find that meaning. It is a (non-clinical) psychotherapeutic approach that considers YOU in a most unconditional way.

Ramona Christine
Services offered in the Metro Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado.

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Why Spiritually integrated Psychotherapy, Direction & Care?
Spiritual Direction & Care is an alternative to biomedical or clinical approaches. The method of approach is compassion. Not everyone can hear what we are saying when for the most part, we just want to be heard. You know yourself better than anyone else and a Spiritual Director walks with you. You are the expert of your own life. You know the answers and you know what creates meaning for you. Spiritual Directors are merely a tool through which you learn to discover yourself.

Spiritual Direction is not so much about God or religion as it is about our spirituality. Spiritual care is not about religion. It is about accepting and respecting differences. It is about honoring our own experiences and understandings of those experiences. There is a core to our existence and our individuality that longs to understand experience in this sometimes crazy and chaotic world; although many of our questions may remain unanswered. The journey is to discover our own meaning and purpose. As life may come at us with challenges or change, we all seek to understand our own personal experience(s).

Research studies have shown that our spiritual health has a powerful impact on our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Although this may not always be the case, the opportunity to discover this truth is available. We are, after all, more than our bodies. This deeper part of our being longs for and deserves compassion and care. Just as we care for our physical (psychological, physical, emotional) self, so should we care for our spiritual self. It is not necessary to be active in a religion or to believe in God or a Higher Power to admit that there is something to our existence.

About Ramona Christine
I am currently a seminary student. I am working towards my MA as a Pastoral and Spiritual Care provider. I have a BA in Psychology with minor studies in Philosophy and Religious Studies. I am a Registered Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado. My experience includes 5 years as an advocate for battered women, training as a hospice and palliative care provider, one year as a private care provider for the elderly, certified addiction counselor (level I) courses, and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), Level I. I completed my CPE, Level I in an adult addiction treatment facility as an Addiction Chaplain at the University of Colorado Hospital.

In addition to providing spiritual care, I also work diligently to better understand myself and my experiences. I have regular contact with a Spiritual Practitioner and a Curandera, both who have played a significant role in my healing, growth, and self-understanding. For additional information or to schedule a free consultation, please send an email to Ramona at ramona@ramonachristine.com. Blessings.

Ramona Christine
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